Individual Students

The Dual Diploma as an Individual Student

When the student’s school does not offer the Dual Diploma, they can join the program individually as an independent candidate. This option is adapted to students in France and to expats enrolled in a “lycée français” (except certain time zones such as Asia) or after returning from expatriation.

The program addresses High School students in the 9th or 10th grade, and on a case-by-case assessment for enrollment in the 8th or 11th grade.

Need more information?

Individual Student ? Sign up before June 21st, 2024 !

This option is exclusively for Individual Students whose schools aren’t Partner Schools. For students in one of our partnering schools, please contact your school.

Select ” Je suis élève individuel Academica-France”. 

Provide a personal e-mail address for the student, and a Skype username, essential to finalize the enrollment.

Once the form is filled out, we encourage you to print and save a PDF copy of the student’s registration. 

The admissions test will take place Mid-September 2024.

How does the admissions test work?

This test evaluates the student’s english level and knowledge in grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and places them in the right level. The individual student takes it online under an adult’s supervision and receives their admission by e-mail under 15 days. Passing the test validates the admission.

When ? Mid-September 2023
What ? MCQ – 75 minutes online, 60 questions under an adult’s supervision.
Required level? Between E1 and E2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CECR)

What is the parents' role?

One of the program’s primary goals is the student’s autonomy. Parents monitor their child’s progress in real time from their platform. They can encourage them while they learn time management. This parental control is sustained by the American teacher that will contact parents if necessary.

Will the student study on their own?

No ! They join a community of students from around the world in the same program. Most of the work is done at their own pace from their home. They are monitored and supervised by an available and benevolent teacher with whom they often exchange. The Live Sessions give them the opportunity to study with other students, or to attend live online classes form one of our 190 schools in the US.

One of the strengths of the Dual Diploma is the possibility to join clubs where the student can establish social ties with American and international students, sharing similar interests (journalism, photography, social media, etc.)

What is the grading policy?

Grading is made by continuous assessment. The student must obtain at least 70% in each class to validate its credit. One of our students’ biggest surprise is that they are allowed to make mistakes. If the grade obtained for an assignment isn’t satisfactory, the student can ask the teacher for a retake or for extra-credit work. It’s an opportunity to strengthen the assignment and better the grade.

Am I permanently committed ?

During the 5 first days of each semester, the student can explore content and methods, and meet their teachers. If the family decides that the program isn’t for their child, the parents need to notify the Program Director or Academica France when their child is an individual student by e-mail. No billing will be requested.

Then, financial commitment is biannual: any student can withdraw at the end of each semester with a form signed by their parents, stopping future billings.

American Teachers 

«My name is Alissa Longo. I live in Northern Virginia, right outside of Washington, D.C.. This year marks my 14th year teaching. I have loved this journey. I received my bachelor’s degree from Towson University in Maryland and my master’s degree from Wright State University in Ohio. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and we have a little boy named Preston and a little girl named Shelby. My goal is to create impactful learning experiences for my students that are unforgettable ( in order to help reach their highest potential.)»

Alissa Longo

American Teacher
«Hello! My name is Heather Simmons, and I am excited to be a Global Teacher with the Dual Diploma Program. I was born and raised in Greenwood, South Carolina. I moved to DeFuniak Springs, Florida with my husband (Josh) in 2005 and since have had three children (Reagan, Amelia, and Lucas). I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Science in Education from Troy University in Troy, Alabama. I have been teaching for eleven years and have a passion for seeing my students learn, excel, and succeed. Prior to joining the Dual Diploma faculty, I spent seven years as a traditional classroom teacher and three years as a media specialist.

 It is my belief that education can change the world. By providing my students with an engaging and effective learning environment, I am not just teaching them a skill but helping students become lifelong learners»

Heather Simmons

Global Teacher of the Dual Diploma Program