Partnering Schools

Around 600 schools around the world are partners of Academica International Studies (AIS) and offer the Dual Diploma in addition to their curriculum. They are spread out around Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, as well as Latin America and Asia.

Becoming an American High School Diploma Authorized School

What does a partnership entail?

The school signs a memorandum of understanding with AIS through which it will offer the program to its students, and elects a Program Director. AIS provides the learning (“Learning Management System” or LMS) and information platforms, the course content and online material, the American instructors and online speakers, as well as the technical support.

The pool of American teachers is selected among the 4500 Academica instructors. They follow a continuous training specific to digital education, update permanently their practices and share them with the students and program advisor.

With the Dual Diploma, the partnering school broadens its curriculum, complements its bilingual programs and enters a large American and international network.

How many students are needed to enter into a partnership?

The partnership is created starting from 1 enrolled student.

The Program Director’s Role

If our students use the best of digital technology, the true force of the program is the people. The Program Director (PD) is, within the partnering school, the point of reference, the preferred point of contact and the link between students and their parents and our teachers in the USA. The PD is in contact with our education teams in the US, coordinates the student registration, facilitates the parent/US teacher conferences, and ensures the monitoring of their students. They maintain the link between the American teacher, the school, the student and their parents. They internally coordinate the Dual Diploma group and pay attention to the students’ progress in their classes.

Their main tasks are:

  • Organizing the admissions test (mid-september);
  • Ensuring that the students have understood the program’s expectations and do the necessary studying;
  • Coordinating the monitoring of students, for example via a weekly meeting;
  • Facilitating the first individual meetings with the American teacher;
  • Encouraging the students’ efforts;
  • Holding a meeting with the American teacher at the end of the semester;
  • Exchanging with the parents when needed, and facilitate communication with the American teacher;
  • Transfering the French report cards to validate credits.

And depending on preferences:

  • Rallying the school’s team spirit;
  • Participating in outings suggested in relation to American cultural instances;
  • Assisting to webinars with their peers in other schools in France, Europe and the United-States;
  • Depending on the number of enrolled students, the PD’s time dedicated to the Dual Diploma varies.

Ses tâches principales sont :

Organiser en interne le test d’admission (mi-septembre), Assurer que les élèves ont bien compris les attendus du programme et travaillent le temps nécessaire, Coordonner le suivi des élèves, par exemple via une permanence hebdomadaire, Faciliter les premiers rendez-vous individuels avec leur professeur américain, Encourager les élèves dans leurs efforts, Tenir en fin de semestre une réunion avec le professeurs américain, Echanger sur demande avec les parents, et faciliter la communication avec le professeur américain. Transmettre les bulletins de notes français des élèves pour validation des crédits

Et selon les goûts et appétences:

Fédérer l’esprit de groupe dans l’établissement, Participer aux sorties locales proposées en relation avec les instances culturelles américaines, Assister aux webinaires avec ses pairs dans d’autre établissements en France, Europe et USA. Selon le nombre d’élèves inscrits, le temps du PD dédié au Dual Diploma varie.

Our Partnering Schools

Studying in one of our partnering schools? Contact the administration or the Program Director. Your school isn’t a partnering school? Join us as an Individual Student. For the 2020-2021 school year, our partnering schools are :
Paris and Parisian Region
  • Les Francs Bourgeois La Salle – Paris
  • Paul Claudel d’Hulst – Paris
  • Saint Michel de Picpus – Paris
  • Cours Molière – Paris
  • Cours Hattemer – Paris
  • Lycée La Salle Passy Buzenval – Rueil-Malmaison
  • Institution Saint Dominique – Neuilly sur Seine
  • Institution Sainte Geneviève – Asnières
  • Notre Dame de la Providence – Vincennes
  • Groupe Scolaire Sophie Barat – Chatenay Malabry
  • Ensemble Scolaire F. Cabrini – Noisy le Grand
East and South-East
  • Jean XXIII- Montigny – les-Metz
  • St Pierre Chanel – Thionville
  • Saint Joseph – Reims
  • Sacré Coeur – Reims
  • Jeanne d’Arc – Remiremont
  • Saint Louis-Saint Bruno – Lyon
  • Lycée Saint Marc – Lyon
  • La Provence – Marseille
  • Ensemble Scolaire Saint Jean Paul II – Avignon
  • Saint Cœur – Beaune
  • Groupe Scolaire Saint Joseph – Dijon
  • La Salle Jeanne d’Arc – Paray le Monial
  • Sainte Croix des Neiges – Abondance
  • Institut Stanislas – Cannes
  • Saint Philippe Néri – Juan les Pins
  • Lycée Mont Saint Jean – Antibes
  • Bristol – Cannes (Etablissement Public)
  • Ensemble scolaire La Salle Lille
  • Marcq Institution – Marcq en Bareuil
  • Institut de Genech – Genech
West and South-West
  • Ensemble Scolaire Saint-Joseph-de-Tivoli – Bordeaux
  • Le Caousou – Toulouse
  • Collège Chavagnes – Nantes
  • Notre Dame de Toutes Aides – Nantes
  • Notre Dame Saint Paul-Rezé
  • Charles Peguy – Gorges
  • Lycée Jeanne d’Arc – Saint Ivy Pontivy
  • Lycée Saint Paul-Saint Georges – Vannes
  • Institution Immaculée Conception – Laval
  • Lycée Saint-Louis – Lorient
  • Lycée Jeanne d’Arc – Caen
  • Institution Saint Pierre – Caen
  • Lycée Notre Dame – Chartres
  • Saint Joseph – La Salle – Toulouse
  • HackSchooling Institute – Hossegor


Our partnering schools benefit from special prices that allow their students to access the Dual Diploma with preferred rates.

Diploma and Graduation

The student must pass 24 crédits to obtain the High School Diploma. They study 6 of them with AIS. For the 18 remaining credits, the family provides all the official French transcripts from the 8th to 12th grade.

In the American tradition, the graduation ceremony takes place at the beginning of July in the presence of American consulate or embassy officials and of Academica’s French and American executive teams.

Photo of the 2018 Graduation in France


«My name is Florence Viquerat, I’m French and have been teaching for 36 years. I’m currently also the Dual Diploma program director at Institut Stanislas, Cannes, which is a new challenge and is really satisfying as the students improve their language skills and gradually become more autonomous. The program also brings me a lot of positive elements. Besides teaching, I enjoy listening to music, reading, taking photographs and travelling.»

Florence Viquerat

Professeur référent à l’Institut Stanislas, Cannes
«My name is Conchita Franco Gay. I have been teaching at Lasalle Maravillas in Madrid for almost twenty five years . I consider myself very fortunate for working in education. I have been responsible of the Dual Programme in our school since we offered it for the first time, 5 years ago. From the beginning, I have enjoyed this programme for what it means to our students and for the great professionalism of all the people involved. This teaching experience together with my time in a Public High School in New York are the highlights of my teaching career. In love with education I never get tired of learning new ways to help our students become happy adults one day…»

Conchita Franco Gay

Program Director, LaSalle Maravillas, Madrid
«Ivette Mendez Johnsen graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in English Education. Her professional background includes certifications in the areas of English 6-12, Math 6-9, and ESOL. Ivette has worked in schools ranging all grade levels, from K-12. She has also worked extensively training teachers and other instructional staff. She is currently a Global Teacher at Academica Virtual Education Dual Diploma Program.»

Ivette Mendez Johnsen

American Teacher