Carla L., Lycée Montalembert – Courbevoie

Clémentine S-C., Les Francs Bourgeois-La Salle – Paris

I want to become an architect, a designer, or work in marketing and tourism. I chose the Dual Diploma Program because I want to discover a new culture and a new way of studying. American Universities are so famous worldwide and I am very honored to participate in this program. The Dual Diploma Program can offer me opportunities and help me to achieve my future goals because I can feel more confident in an international environment. It can give me the chance to open my business anywhere in the world.

Camil B., Saint Louis – Lorient

I originally enrolled in the program because I wanted to have a better understanding of American culture and language and also because in my opinion, having two diplomas can broaden the opportunities for later studies. After completing one year in Dual Diploma, I’m really satisfied about the results and the way we learn because it’s completely different from my country.

Anne N, promotion 2022, Etudiante à ESMOD

Ces trois années de travail sont terminées, ce fut un long chemin mais je suis fière du résultat. J’ai pris la décision de suivre le cursus Academica Dual Diploma dans l’objectif d’améliorer un maximum mon niveau en anglais. J’ai beaucoup travaillé durant ces trois dernières années que ce soit au lycée ou à la maison pour suivre ce cursus, mais le travail était plus « agréable », je faisais quelque chose qui me plaisait. Au départ je ne savais pas qu’il y aurait une remise de diplôme. Quand je l’ai appris, j’étais agréablement surprise. Le temps est passé très vite et j’étais là assise dans le REX pour recevoir mon diplôme ! Merci beaucoup à toute l’équipe d’Academica Dual Diploma pour cette aventure !

Elise O., class of 2019, Student at Hult International Business School

My name is Elise, I’ve graduated from the dual diploma last June! I am currently studying in London at Hult International Business School and enjoying my first year of uni.
The dual diploma brought me so much for the past three years. It has improved my English, I opened myself to new ideas and points of view in education. I had classes I could never have taken in my french high schools, such as American history and politics or SAT preparation.
I can’t help but be delighted with my experience and recommend it.

Mr Chartrousse, Institut Notre Dame – Chartres

C’est la meilleure manière pour un élève de valoriser ses capacités en anglais.

Mme Colinet, Ensemble Scolaire Saint-Joseph de Tivoli – Bordeaux

An amazing innovation rendering students self-reliant and interested in the world, news and cultures.


Mme Minetti, Academica France

Academica Dual Diploma c’est une réelle opportunité pour les enfants d’accéder à un programme qui est complétement unique.

Mrs Colinet, Tivoli – Bordeaux

I started my professional career as a translator and interpreter in businesses with different activities such as electronics, computer science, wine …
I became a teacher in 1999 after the birth of my fourth son. I have been teaching ever since.
For my hobbies, I like music and I can play the piano and the violin as well (though it is much more recent !) I also sing in a choir every Monday night and I take part in a master class every year in August.
I also love dancing a lot and also travelling around the world. I think that’s about it…

Mrs Viquerat, Stanislas – Cannes

I’m French and have been teaching for 36 years. I’m currently also the Dual Diploma program director at Institut Stanislas, Cannes, which is a new challenge and is really satisfying as the students improve their language skills and gradually become more autonomous. The program also brings me a lot of positive elements.
Besides teaching, I enjoy listening to music, reading, taking photographs and travelling.

Mrs Delesalle, Marcq Institution – Marcq-en-Barœul

What is especially innovative about the program is the fact that all classes are online, in virtual classrooms, with fellow students in Germany, Italy, Spain, etc., and are taught exclusively by American teachers. The pedagogical model and interaction with the American teachers exposes our students to a completely different mindset and way of teaching and learning, and hence definitely qualifies as a clear example of international education in action.

Mme Lelourec, Cours Hattemer – Paris

«Nous avons fait le choix de devenir partenaire pour offrir l’opportunité à nos élèves de suivre un programme pour devenir bilingue et pour s’ouvrir à des voies internationales auxquelles ils n’avaient pas accès par le biais du curriculum que l’on proposait jusqu’ici. »

Mme Mariotti, Saint-Coeur – Beaune

Parce que nous sommes un établissement européen, nous répondons fortement à une demande vis-à-vis de l’anglais par les familles et les élèves.

Mr. Larrory, Jean XXIII – Montigny-les-Metz

At Jean XXIII in Montigny-les-Metz, we are aware that modern languages, and in particular English, constitute an indispensable foundation for the future of our students, both in their studies and in their professional lives. The pedagogy we have put in place is very effective in removing the fear of young people to express themselves in English. They study with young people from other schools and countries, they communicate with each other in English, very naturally without fear. They improve enormously in comprehension and oral expression. They gain confidence and progress rapidly. Their English teachers at the school regularly testify to this.

Mrs. Mariotti, Lycée Européen Saint Cœur – Beaune

During the lockdown period, we realized that the our most independent students were those who were following the Dual Diploma program. Having the distance learning has allowed these students to better understand their digital courses in French. It helps students become independent and organized in their work. This program is designed for high ability potential students, and it is strongly discouraged for students who are struggling to enrollin their French studies.

Mr. Ferraton, Notre Dame de Toutes Aides – Nantes

The work that is provided in the Double Diploma allows student to be very effective in his / her work in the standard French disciplines. Students develop skills that allow them to adjust, adapt and cover all the required work.

Mrs. Masson, Lycée Saint-Marc – Lyon

The American Dual Diploma represents an extraordinary opportunity to open up to a new way of working and thinking. The openness to the world that it provides to students – through the level of English attained, the variety of courses they take, and their exposure to the American system – is a very valuable asset for their future.

“My name is Alissa Longo. I live in Northern Virginia, right outside of Washington, D.C.. This year marks my 14th year teaching. I have loved this journey. I received my bachelor’s degree from Towson University in Maryland and my master’s degree from Wright State University in Ohio. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and we have a little boy named Preston and a little girl named Shelby. My goal is to create impactful learning experiences for my students that are unforgettable ( in order to help reach their highest potential.)”

Alissa Longo

American Teacher
“Hello! My name is Heather Simmons, and I am excited to be a Global Teacher with the Dual Diploma Program. I was born and raised in Greenwood, South Carolina. I moved to DeFuniak Springs, Florida with my husband (Josh) in 2005 and since have had three children (Reagan, Amelia, and Lucas). I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Science in Education from Troy University in Troy, Alabama. I have been teaching for eleven years and have a passion for seeing my students learn, excel, and succeed. Prior to joining the Dual Diploma faculty, I spent seven years as a traditional classroom teacher and three years as a media specialist.

It is my belief that education can change the world. By providing my students with an engaging and effective learning environment, I am not just teaching them a skill but helping students become lifelong learners

Heather Simmons

Global Teacher of the Dual Diploma Program
“Hello! I’m Anna and I’m 15 years old. I have a little brother. I’m French and I live in Paris near Bastille Quarter. I love dancing, playing the guitar, reading, drawing, and spending some time with my friends! At school, I prefer studying Biology and Physics. I also love traveling and discovering new things, news places, new people, and also speaking English! It’s the reason I study with the Dual Diploma Program. With it, I learned that I love taking photographs and learning all the techniques of this art. I’m very happy and so proud to be the student of the month of March !”

Anna Mayer-Sissler

French Student
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