The Team

In their studies and professional lives, young people will have to be proficient in english as if it were their mother tongue, to adapt themselves to multicultural environments, and to use tools from emerging technologies with ease.

Considering this situation, two individuals, passionate about education, multilingualism and of the use of new technologies in education, joined together to pool their complementary skills. Since then, they have created trusting relationships with the partnering schools in France, the individual students as independent candidates, and the educating team and teachers in the United-States. Driven by values of pursuit of excellence and benevolence, our state of mind is most definitely geared towards the students.

Interested in our project? Do you share our values? Please contact us: our team is growing!

Chantal Firino Martell combines her knowledge of the American educational system, and her expertise in project management and digital education.
Equipe Dual Diploma Saint Dominique de Neuilly. Lancement du Bac US
Elizabeth de Montlivault provides her thorough knowledge of the French educational system, and her expertise in project management and communication.