Témoignages des chefs d’établissements

Monsieur Weber, Sophie Barat – Châtenay-Malabry

Tous les élèves disent que c’est un travail important mais que ça leur apporte beaucoup au niveau de leur personnalité, de leur aisance mais surtout au niveau de la qualité linguistique. Cela développe assez fortement l’autonomie et je pense que les élèves qui sont dans ce parcours ont eu moins de difficulté à vivre ces épreuves de confinement et l’organisation du travail à distance.

Madame Mariotti, Lycée européen Saint Cœur – Beaune

La période de confinement nous a permis de nous rendre compte que les élèves les plus autonomes étaient ceux qui suivaient le programme du Dual Diploma. Avoir cet enseignement à distance a permis à ces élèves d’appréhender de meilleure façon les cours digitaux en français. Cela aide les élèves à devenir autonomes et organisés dans leur travail. Ce programme s’adresse aux élèves qui ont des compétences élevées, il est fortement déconseillé qu’un élève en difficulté s’y inscrive.

“My name is Alissa Longo. I live in Northern Virginia, right outside of Washington, D.C.. This year marks my 14th year teaching. I have loved this journey. I received my bachelor’s degree from Towson University in Maryland and my master’s degree from Wright State University in Ohio. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and we have a little boy named Preston and a little girl named Shelby. My goal is to create impactful learning experiences for my students that are unforgettable ( in order to help reach their highest potential.)”

Alissa Longo

American Teacher
“Hello! My name is Heather Simmons, and I am excited to be a Global Teacher with the Dual Diploma Program. I was born and raised in Greenwood, South Carolina. I moved to DeFuniak Springs, Florida with my husband (Josh) in 2005 and since have had three children (Reagan, Amelia, and Lucas). I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Science in Education from Troy University in Troy, Alabama. I have been teaching for eleven years and have a passion for seeing my students learn, excel, and succeed. Prior to joining the Dual Diploma faculty, I spent seven years as a traditional classroom teacher and three years as a media specialist. It is my belief that education can change the world. By providing my students with an engaging and effective learning environment, I am not just teaching them a skill but helping students become lifelong learners

Heather Simons

Global Teacher of the Dual Diploma Program
“Hello! I’m Anna and I’m 15 years old. I have a little brother. I’m French and I live in Paris near Bastille Quarter. I love dancing, playing the guitar, reading, drawing, and spending some time with my friends! At school, I prefer studying Biology and Physics. I also love traveling and discovering new things, news places, new people, and also speaking English! It’s the reason I study with the Dual Diploma Program. With it, I learned that I love taking photographs and learning all the techniques of this art. I’m very happy and so proud to be the student of the month of March !”

Anna Mayer-Sissler

French Student