6 février 2020

Academica Dual Diploma: the French Bac & US High School Diploma

By following the Dual Diploma Program, your child may study as if they were in the US et obtain the US High School diploma in France. Give them the opportunity to become bilingual before their high school graduation and to start their undergraduate studies with a locked in additional asset. Students take advantage of a total linguistic and cultural immersion with the learning of new technologies. Discover what the Academica Dual Diploma consists of and the numerous advantages of your child obtaining the High School Diploma at the same time as the French Baccalauréat.

What is the Academica Dual Diploma ?

A dual diploma allowing you to obtain the High School Diploma at the same time as the French Baccalauréat?

The Dual Diploma is an online program allowing students to study as if they were in the US, in a Florida based High School with American teachers. They follow the courses remotely, at the same time as their classes in France, as if they were in a bilingual school. Lessons and homework are transmitted through an online platform. At the end of the program, students obtain the High School Diploma, equivalent to the French Baccalauréat.

To obtain the American high school diploma, students need to earn 24 academic credits. Binational agreements allow French students to earn 18 of these credits through a system of equivalence. Students from the program then study for the 6 courses corresponding to the 6 remaining credits, at the rate of 2 to 5 hours of studying per week, in parallel to their classroom courses in a French institution. The program is available starting from the 9th grade, the 10th grade or the 11th grade.

This High School Diploma is registered in the US by Florida’s department of education, the state in which Acadamia International Studies is based.

A dual diploma allowing you to obtain the High School Diploma at the same time as the French Baccalauréat?

The Dual Diploma program’s goal goes beyond the High School Graduation and the learning of a new language. By joining the program, the student discovers the history of another country and immerses themselves in its cultural. The courses are taught entirely in English by native teachers. They possess the same content as those taken by American students.

The environment is stimulating and lively thanks to the “Live Sessions”, to the teachers’ guidance, and to teachings based on communication. Furthermore, starting from to second year, the student may sign up to clubs and carry out projects and group work with students from other countries.

This international and multicultural setting offers the students the opportunity to develop a true bicultural mindset and broader outlook on the world. By putting an emphasis on participation to make the classes more lively during the Live Sessions, the teachers pushes the students to develop their communication and verbal expression skills.

Discovers the High School Diploma from France admissions requirements

The advantages of obtaining the American Baccalauréat in France

Study like in the US with students from around the world

The student studies as if they were in the US et follows the exact same classes, like a true American student. By means of the Live Sessions, they benefit from classes with the presence of the teacher and twenty or so students from around the globe. During those classes, the emphasis is placed on participation through organized debates, role play or more serious games.

Benefit from an unique linguistic immersion

Students evolve in an entirely Anglophone environment throughout their curriculum. Classes are given by American teachers which the only language used is English. The program takes advantage of the same immersive aspect as a bilingual school et allows the development of excellent linguistic skills. After 2 to 4 years of learning, students become bilingual et will be able to readily communicate verbally and on paper, regardless of the starting level.

Access an innovative technology during High School

The program is entirely based on digital and interaction thanks to the use of new technologies. The student learns to master these tools that ease the learning process and act as true educational vehicles. All of the curriculum takes place on an online platform. To facilitate exchanges, the student and teacher use e-mail, a digital dashboard and visioconference. Digital tools will no longer be a mystery to the student.

Enhanced student academic record

High school is a key step in which student build their academic record for undergraduate studies. It is crucial to stand out, especially when targeting programs of excellence. Perfectly mastering another language at the end of high school and obtaining a dual diploma is an asset on university, preparatory class or school application packages, in France or abroad. American baccalauréat holders increase their chances of admission in foreign institutions.

Thanks to our curriculum, the student demonstrates a real capacity to push themselves, to provide further effort and to be consistent in their work to reach their goals. The bilingual students can entirely reason in another language, and possess broader cultural references as well as a greater adaption capability. These qualities are recognized and looked for in candidates, in higher education institutions, as well as in companies.

Student’s accountability and maturity increased thanks to the High School Diploma

The Dual Diploma Program leaves the student with a lot of freedom and autonomy to manage their schedule according to their needs and progress at their own pace. This way of learning makes them accountable, because they are not supervised like they are in their school. They will already be prepared for undergraduate studies that require a lot of willingness and rigor from the student, most often on their own.

Furthermore, studying in a foreign language and in a different and unfamiliar environment will pull them from their comfort zone. This studying combined with personal efforts will allow them to develop an independent personality, all the while enjoying a unique and stimulating experience.


Students benefit from classes entirely in English adapted to their level in a multicultural setting. This innovative learning method offers more flexibility and autonomy to its students, all the while giving them the advantages of an international studying environment. They will get the chance to study with American teachers and foreign students, and to immerse themselves in another culture from their homes.

They develop both linguistic and technological skills, thanks digital tools, but also inter-personal and communication skills. Obtaining the High School Diploma in France is an excellent solution for motivated students who wish to enhance their academic file. Allow your child to benefit from the program and allow them to obtain the US high School Diploma. Discover our program and prepare the next admissions period on DualDiploma.org.

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