18 février 2020

Bilingual in the workplace : The Advantages for New Graduates

Speaking English fluently and being bilingual in the workplace, is considered as an indispensable prerequisite on the job market. It’s the n°1 language for business. Benefiting from a bilingual education is, for non-native English speakers, a strategic decision for the student’s future.

English: the language for global communication

English is the official language in 67 countries. Native tongue for 400 million people, English is used by more than 2 billion speakers. This is mostly a consequence of history. The British Empire’s expansion through colonization of new territories spread the English language to the far ends of earth. Other languages were spoken in the new world (French, Spanish, Dutch), but English rapidly established itself as le major language for trade.

The political and scientific importance of the United-States and United-Kingdom over the last two centuries conferred, to the English language, a prominent role as the language for international communication.

We can also mention the influence of the Anglo-Saxon civilization during the 1900s through its culture, movies and music. Most notably the Beatles, with their simple and universal lyrics, whose songs inspired generations, and Hollywood with its internationally idolized stars. In the 21st century, as the language of international business, science, and pop culture, English has become the most important language in the world.

English in the workplace

Globalization and technology have opened the markets to trades, and allowed goods and services to be rapidly sold at the other side of the world. The development of new technologies and the internet has also allowed to connect people and countries with each other, in an unforeseen way. Students are aware of this.

As specified by Karin Colinet, an English teacher and a Program Director of the Academica Dual Diploma at Saint Joseph de Trivoli in Bordeaux, in an interview given to Avenuedesecoles.com, “This diploma shows that the student is able to take on challenges like a dual qualification, that they are open minded and that they have he tools to approach the international world of today and tomorrow. A strength that will also be recognized by future employers.”

A skill wanted by companies around the world

On the companies’ end, they take into account these continuous changes if they want to remain internationally relevant. This has had an impact on the evolution of many trades. How to communicate, for an international company, without having mastered the language understood and spoken by most consumers? How to negotiate foreign contracts or export products without using English?

In an interconnected world, the advantages of bilingualism to build a career are undeniable. Speaking English fluently is considered an indispensable prerequisite on the job market. It is the n°1 language for business. Benefiting from a bilingual education is a strategic decision for the student’s future. Many recruiters deem crucial that their collaborators be bilingual or at least speak English fluently in order to participate to the development and growth of their company.

Useful in the job market

It is, moreover, one of the most asked for skill on the job market. The absence of this skill can be eliminatory. Becoming bilingual in English would then enable more professional opportunities and to access to senior positions. Furthermore, in the workplace in France, English has invaded the daily vocabulary via American startups. English expressions make their way into everyday conversations: “meeting”, “team”, “deadline”, “pitch”, and many more. Knowing how to speak English also helps to exchange within French companies.

Having benefited from a bilingual education and being able to prove it thanks to a diploma such as the Academica Dual Diploma (High School Dipoma and French Baccalauréat) allows students entering higher education and the workplace to differentiate themselves from the other candidates. They will be able to more easily obtain their first internship and their first job in the sectors that interest them. Speaking English allows easier adaptation in any kind of environment.

International travel and encounters with non-francophones are common situations in the workplace. For the bilingual student, these will seem a lot less intimidating. Being able to speak another language and having a dual culture reinforces as well the self confidence as it is a gateway to the world, to other traditions, and allows to be rid of biases. The world becomes a field of possibilities.

How the Dual Diploma enables a bilingual and multicultural education

Having access to the American High School Diploma program in France answers the parents’ concerns about their children’s future careers. The Academica Dual Diploma is a dual diploma comprised of the French Baccalauréat and of the American High School Diploma. To obtain it, students follow digital courses in simultaneously to their French studies starting from the 9th (Troisième) or 10th grade (Seconde). The classes are solely taught in English by American teachers, as if the students were in school in the US.

This linguistic and cultural immersion allows members of the program to truly become bicultural and develop their open-mindedness on the world. They acquire advanced linguistic skills and enhance their academic record. With this additional asset up their sleeve, they can serenely start their higher education and already think about their future careers.

Testimony from Alissa Longo, Dual Diploma teacher

“My name is Alissa Longo. I live in Northern Virginia, right outside of Washington, D.C.. This year marks my 14th year teaching. I received my bachelor’s degree from Towson University in Maryland and my master’s degree from Wright State University in Ohio. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and we have a little boy named Preston and a little girl named Shelby. My goal is to create impactful learning experiences for my students that are unforgettable ( in order to help reach their highest potential.)”

Testimony from Heather Simmons, Dual Diploma teacher

“Hello! My name is Heather Simmons, and I am excited to be a Global Teacher with the Dual Diploma Program. Born and raised in Greenwood, South Carolina, I moved to DeFuniak Springs, Florida with my husband (Josh) in 2005 and since have had three children (Reagan, Amelia, and Lucas). I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Science in Education from Troy University in Troy, Alabama. I have been teaching for eleven years and have a passion for seeing my students learn, excel, and succeed. Prior to joining the Dual Diploma faculty, I spent seven years as a traditional classroom teacher and three years as a media specialist.

It is my belief that education can change the world. By providing my students with an engaging and effective learning environment, I am not just teaching them a skill but helping students become lifelong learners

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