13 septembre 2023

A Partnership of Excellence: Academica International Studies and the International Office of Catholic Education redefine international education

The winds of change are blowing through the world of education. At the heart of this revolution are two solid pillars. Academica, the leader in digital education in the USA. The International Office of Catholic Education, dedicated to the holistic education of students for generations. Together, they are charting an innovative new course for the future of learning.

Academica International Studies (AIS) and the International Office of Catholic Education (OIEC) have entered into a partnership that marks a turning point in the world of international education. This exclusive partnership will extend the Dual Diploma™ program, the American baccalaureate in addition to the bac, in keeping with the values of Catholic Education to a global network of more than 210,000 schools, universities and technical institutions of excellence, present in over 100 countries.

Hervé Lecomte, Secretary General of the OIEC, and Antonio L. Roca, Director of Academica, formalized this historic partnership last July in Paris. In the presence of the teams and Elizabeth de Montlivault and Chantal Firino Martell, the founders of the Academica Dual Diploma Program in France. The event was marked by stimulating multilingual exchanges in French, English and Spanish, followed by the official signing. In his speech, Mr. Lecomte emphasized the impact of education as a catalyst of opportunity and a source of inspiration for students around the world:

« I’m a great believer in education, offering opportunities where there are none […] modern languages enable discovery and exchange ».

antonio l.roca et herve lecomte signature du partenariat entre academica international studies et loiec scaled

« Je crois énormément à l’éducation, offrir des opportunités là où il n’y en a pas […] les langues vivantes permettent la découverte et l’échange ».

Antonio L.Roca (left), Hervé Lecomte (right)

For his part, Antonio L. Roca recalled Academica’s fundamental missions:

“Our duty is to provide opportunities to our students in Europe, America and around the world […] education has the power to reduce inequalities”.

Academica International Studies and the OIEC have enjoyed close ties for many years. This was underlined by AIS’s participation in the OIEC World Congress in Marseille last December, representing charter schools in the USA. The aim was to discuss common values such as academic excellence, the transmission of knowledge and student development.

These fundamental values are firmly anchored in the 200 charter schools of the Academica network in the United States.

A charter school is an autonomous, independent public school that operates under a contract (or “charter”). This is between the school and the authorizing entity, often a local education agency, school district or non-profit organization. They have greater flexibility in their pedagogical approach and management than traditional public schools. Experimentation with innovative teaching methods, specialized programs or alternative educational approaches are therefore welcome.

Founded in 2010 with the ambition of delivering a world-class education, the Academica Dual Diploma™ program has revolutionized the educational experience of international high school students. This innovative initiative enables students to earn a recognized and accredited American digital high school diploma, the High School Diploma , simultaneously with their national baccalaureate. The figures speak for themselves: over 40,000 current students from more than 28 countries have benefited from this unique opportunity to obtain their double American baccalaureate. In France, more than 1,200 students received their High School Diploma in 2023.

logo oiec

The OIEC, an internationally renowned Catholic organization, is supported by a worldwide network of 210,000 schools. Among them universities and technical institutes of excellence in over 100 countries. Recognized by the Holy See and in close collaboration with the Vatican Dicastery for Catholic Culture and Education. The OIEC also enjoys consultative status with the United Nations, UNESCO and the Council of Europe.

partenariat ais et oiec logos unesco united nations counsil of europe

This strategic partnership is in line with Academica’s long track record of success. In 2022, Academica was honored with the prestigious Presidential E Award. This is a distinction of excellence awarded to U.S. entities for their significant contributions to exports. The award was presented at an official ceremony at the U.S. Department of Commerce headquarters in Washington D.C., in the presence of U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimundo.

partenariat ais et oiec presidential e award

Academica and OIEC’s commitment to educational innovation is at the heart of this visionary partnership. Together, from Academica’s headquarters in Miami and through an international network of partners, they are working to shape tomorrow’s leaders, providing students with the means to shine in an increasingly interconnected and competitive world.

“When Academica’s expertise in innovative technologies combines with the tradition of Catholic Education, it’s a powerful force for change. Students will be better prepared to face the challenges of the modern world while preserving the values that are dear to their hearts.”

Beyond technology, Academica and Catholic Education share values deeply rooted in empathy, compassion and service to others. This synergy between the two institutions goes far beyond academic learning, embracing the entire development of students and preparing them to become responsible citizens.

antonio l.roca herve lecomte elizabeth de montlivault chantal firino martell scaled

Antonio L.Roca (AIS), Hervé Lecomte (OIEC) with Elizabeth de Montlivault and Chantal Firino Martell,
 co-founders in 2016 of the Dual Diploma in France.

This historic partnership opens up new perspectives for international education, offering students from all over the world the opportunity to acquire a first-rate education while celebrating cultural diversity. The Dual Diploma Program™ thus becomes the symbol of an education of excellence, transcending borders, which opens the doors to bilingualism and biculturalism.

antonio l.roca et herve lecomte en compagnie de lequipe francaise dacademica international studies scaled

Antonio L.Roca and Hervé Lecomte with the Academica International Studies French team. More than 10,000 students follow the dual American-French baccalaureate curriculum and start their American school year in 2023.

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