Academica Dual Diploma:

French Baccalauréat + American High School Diploma Online!
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The Academica Dual Diploma

It allows French students to graduate at the end of the 12th grade with both a verified American diploma, the High School Diploma, and the French diploma, the Baccalauréat.

Created by Academia, an academic group consisting of 200 schools across the Unites-States, it leads them to:

  • Obtaining the High School Diploma simultaneously to the French Baccalauréat;
  • In an innovative, flexible and rigorous manner;
  • Within their High School or as an Individual Student;
  • And prepare their higher education studies in France or abroad.

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The Dual Diploma’s key strenghts


Experience a linguistic and cultural immersion thanks to our rigorous and caring American instructors available to you. Become bicultural with English as your native tongue.


Adopt information technologies with ease and responsibility via our teaching platforms and online face-to-face classes.

Strength of character

Starting from the 9th or 10th grade, build your autonomy, maturity and adaptability. Become independent in your time management and discover a multicultural environment.

Academic Record Asset

Enhance your file for your future studies in the United-States, Canada and Europe. Add value to your academic record and benefit from our College Counseling.